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 What weapons are you using... and how?

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PostSubject: What weapons are you using... and how?   Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:42 pm

ok, this might be a useful idea for a thread, too.
simple: what´s the gun you are using the most, how are you using it, what mods you put on and why?

first... this is not about "oaaah i love dragunov cause i pwn in anhil and it looks nice", i want to know the weapons you would use in a serious Clan War!

so i start:

L85A2 Assault Rifle
Red Dot
Long Range Barrel
Veteran Mechanism
Recoil Stock

The thought behind this: get a rifle that is accurate, does decent damage and has superior range!
the downside: you´re damn slow with it, but that´s no big deal since you should stay behind with it anyways... ROF could be better, but it´s still ok! there are guns with greater range like ak or SG550, but those have too high recoils to put a whole clip into an enemy standing on the other side of the map!

so i play it like a mix of sniper and rifleman: i try to give long range fire support for teammates that are rushing towards the enemy and i distract the snipers. to do this, i tap fire while strafing left and right fast (the L85 still remains accurate even when moving) and most of the time it works, they miss! snipers are no longer my worst enemy, but the prey of choice now!

it´s still ok in close combat, but there you often lose against pointmen and ak users! the gun maybe super accurate without any barrel, but i would not recommend it, since it shows all its weaknesses at short range: slow movement, slow rate of fire, slow reload, average damage.
if you have to use it close range, jump around, strafe and crouch like crazy! remeber: accuracy while moving is your friend!

only thing im not sure of is the mods: i may be wrong, but i think the scope bonus even applies to the gun when NOT looking through the scope. The only thing i can say: the gun gets inaccurate as hell if you combine ACOG scope with long range barrel, even if you get +8 range that way it sux! i think that the red dot sight gives back some precision there, good compromise.

maybe it´s possible to get even better ranges/accuracy when combining the other barrel and scope, but tbh... i don´t have the money to find it out!
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Forum Bahamut
Forum Bahamut

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PostSubject: Re: What weapons are you using... and how?   Tue Jun 01, 2010 7:06 pm

(I figure I'll mention that I'm a little unsure of the EXACT mods I used, but I have a general idea of the stat gain/decrease, so I'll mention that, I'll post the exact upgrades I used/use when I can repurchase the guns.)

Well it really depends on the game style of my partners, and enemies.
As EyeContact my Pointman gun was my prefered weapon in Clan Wars, which at the time was the AKS74U. For it I used mods that came out to something along the lines of um, +2 or 3 RoF, -1 Accuracy. Yes the gun is pretty unstable, and isn't accurate but imagine a High Powered UZI, That's the feel I got from this AKS74U build, It was truly my rushing weapon, just you needed to be careful on the range difference between you and your opponent because the gun was obviously not very accurate, even before the -1 Accuracy.
I've played around with other builds but I honestly feel a high RoF build for this gun truly works best.

Though heres the fun part, as for Rifleman my original weapon of choice a long while ago when I first started was in fact the AK like a lot of people, from there I went to the SG550. I gotta say the Sg makes an AMAZING camping Rifle though that's not where my rifleman love lays.
From there on I went to get the Sako, I modded the Sako to have something along the lines of... +3 Stab +2 RoF? Not to sure on those digits, but the negatives was I THINK -1 Accuracy, and -1 Mobility. It took me quite a few combination of mods to get one I really like with Sako, and imo this was the perfect one. The Gun can still be fairly hard to use in certain conditions, but get used to it and I guarantee you rock house with it.

Sniper is a rather hard choice to choose from, Of course a 1 hit kill from TPG is awesome but TPG is such a boring gun really, I've always loved the SV (The 90 dmg one right?). My true love lies in the AWM though after picking it up randomly. I LOVE the noise that damn thing makes. Anyways my TPG mods were simple, I KNOW I added the damage piece, Forgot the rest really, I can't wait to go with AWM this time, I'll likely skip out on TPG this time for the AWM, I'll decide when the time comes. (Whenever I rank up that high again lol).

Yeah sorry there wasn't much detail on my mods, but it's hard to remember what mods I had when I can't go check them =\

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PostSubject: Re: What weapons are you using... and how?   Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:04 pm

Serious Clan War you say... Don't know, I will not go there Smile
For last time I use AK47 with damage barrel, other mods (not speed one) will help too but I am saving my money and not buying them.
You need some adaptation with its recoil its most reliable gun for me (ill buy sako soon, will try to check if its really better as ppl say). From first try it can be hard to control (after some break in playing I forgot how to hold it and used some easier recoil guns till recalled how to shoot from AK)
I shoot (try atleast) shoot short bursts at mid-long range and long bursts at short range. Sometimes go full auto while crouching.

I think from what I tryed M4A1 is best after AK but it eats ammo very fast.

As pointman I prefer shotguns lately (remington or benelli).

As sniper... will not go on any clanwar as sniper, I have only SV98 and was not planing to buy any other SR.
TPG is really boring gun and I started this accaunt I use now after I bought TPG on first one. But its good gun and OP from my point of view. When you see 90% of snipers with TPG its strange that many people not thinking same way. Its power with AVA very simple sniping system its very effective gun.
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PostSubject: Re: What weapons are you using... and how?   Wed Jun 02, 2010 7:41 am

Ah well, my fav rifle would be FN FNC with long range barrel and maybe some other mods, but its the barrel that counts with fnc. Im using 3-5 bullet bursts and go full auto only in cqc.
It works best in mid range and works on par with m4 or AK in CQC if you know what you are doing. Also i was able to take out snipers with headshots on some pretty ranges with this one.
Good RoF, decent damage and range along with rather stable moveshot make this gun my weapon of choice and my all-time favorite weapon so far.

As for pointman i would either choose AK74SU with RoF and stability upgrades or SG552 RIS with advanced silencer barrel to go ninja style for rush/flanking.

Not a lover of sniper rifles so only using those in pubs, SV or MSG are the ones i like most.
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Private First Class
Private First Class

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PostSubject: Re: What weapons are you using... and how?   Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:53 am

My favorite pointman weapon is P90TR
P90TR Mods that I use:
Laser Sight :+1 accuracy
Advanced Silencer: nullifies range penalty when im using silencer
Light-weight trigger: for spray control
Dot: x2.0 range scope; Range +3

It works well for me because I can kill people fast because of its amazing stability and mobility so I can run faster. Its better than MP5K Rail , MP5K PDW,
and UMP 45. P90TR is also best with advanced silencer because I can shoot people with more accuracy and sometimes I can use it in middle range.

I dont have a favorite rifleman weapon (im a big hater of rifleman weapons) except Idk if I like Sako rk.95

My favorite sniper is SV98
Mods that I use on SV 98:
Precision Scope: +5 range
Shock Absorber: Accuracy +1, Stability -1
Swap Grip: improves handling and draw speed
7.62 x 54R Barrel : Dmg +5, Stability -2
Precision Trigger: Acc. +1, Stability -1

I use SV98 as my sniping weapon because its easy to use and fast shot sniper. I can 1 shot kill people with this sniper most of the time because it has 95 dmg. But the sniper is kind of movy and shakes sometimes. But is fun because you can learn skills by using it.

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PostSubject: Re: What weapons are you using... and how?   

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What weapons are you using... and how?
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