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 Rules & Laws & Tips & Hints

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PostSubject: Rules & Laws & Tips & Hints   Fri May 28, 2010 2:08 pm

1. Vlad (me) is Leader of Clan, he can't be Replaced-Only if He wishes, by his FreeWill.
1.1 He is Tyranical and therefore Democracy is only Virtaul-Imaginary
1.2 I'll quote President Medvedev of (N)RF: " Everything I say is cast in granite"
2. Clan is FunBased and Easy Going
3. Clan has got Staff as Well , they Help and Advise/Influence our Tyranical Leader.
4. All Clan members THAT ARE LISTED here: Click here to see list Can & Shuld Lead other Members to ClanWars.
5. Mandatory is To Be Registered on Forum as Well to Be Active!
6. WE NEVER, EVER CHEAT-GLICH OR DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL! (if you (intentd to) do that, please leave us alone)

Rules were made due big size of clan! Clan Rules are needed, so that clan will work like oil rigged machine!

Breaking or Not folowing one of the Rules will be resulted In Kick from The Clan.


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PostSubject: Re: Rules & Laws & Tips & Hints   Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:53 am

Vlad wrote:
1. Vlad (me) is Leader of Clan, he can't be Replaced-Only if He wishes, by his FreeWill.

As Vlad said, he could be replaced only if he wishes so here I am:
Doors aka Gabi, Gabe, Gaby, Gabo, Kitty, Kociak, Noop, Queen, Bitch, Whore, Momma meow meow, etc. is the leader now.

If you wanna contact me, pm here. Or:

xfire: doorsless

Please take your time to sign up on the forum and read the clan rules.

· About clan:

This is a fun based clan, a community. We are a group of friends playing this game and that´s why we treat each other in a nice way. If you are a noob that wants to clan war all the time and you don´t like when a clanmate fails and you always rage like an asshole, please leave.. We are not a competitive clan.

· Between clanmates and gameplay:

1- Don´t insult.
2- Don´t be sexist. I am the leader and I´m a lady.. So if u don´t fking like it.. GTFO.
3- Don´t cheat.. If you are a noob taking advantage of A.V.A´s fail events or glitchs.. GTFO. We don´t do anything illegal.
4- If a clanmate needs help.. Try to help him/her.
5- We don´t stack.
6- If u behave like a kiddo, please leave.
7- We don´t like noob spammers. "cw cw cw cw cw cw cw cw". Fk off.
8- If I´m not on or the OLDIES (Firegod, BAI, Komandir, SunJade.. etc) don´t play clan wars.
9 - If u have any issues with a clanmate, contact me.

I don´t have patience.. Just saying.

If you agree with all this stuff... Feel free to apply here or at: http://ava.ijji.com/myclan/index.nhn?clanid=FogRiders
We mostly play in USA EAST channel but we are currently looking for European players to make an squad. The only ones who can send clan invites are Komandir (Bravo Squad Leader), SunJade (Charlie Squad Leader) and me.

Find us in game!

Doors Cool

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Rules & Laws & Tips & Hints
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