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 Prison Break II Rescue Guides!!!

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PostSubject: Prison Break II Rescue Guides!!!   Sat Dec 18, 2010 7:32 am

Ok guys, if some of you are having trouble finishing Prison Break Rescue Mode, here are some helpful tips for you guys to finish this mission.
(I would like to thank Eye, Firegod, and itzSweet for participating and helped me take some decent screenshots.)


First Lieutenant Eva Maria Vorel needs your help and shes stuck at the 14th floor of the hospital. Secure your way, and avoid obstacles as you go higher in the building.


First Floor

Your starting point is the ground floor of the building.

All you need to do is run your way up to the second floor, and avoid the wall of fire. Dont go too slow because the fire will burn you.

Second Floor

As you move on to the second floor, open the door for the operation room so that you can operate the elevator switch and to make it work.

(NOTE: One player should operate the switch while the others need to cover the operator.)

After that, open one of the two doors that are the opposite side of each other, and make a run to the elevator. Be careful though, a swarm of vicious of swift fugitives (red and yellow colored uniform respectively) will chase you. When you go in to the elevator, press the switch (use E button) and you can move on to the next level.


Seventh Floor

For this floor, you have to operate the firewall controllers. After you do that, wait for the firewall to open and kill all the mobs in your way.

(TIP: For the first firewall, wait 'till your teammates reach the firewall, then operate it. This tip avoids enemy from flanking you and your teammates and attacking.)

After this first firewall is open, there is a hallway leading to two firewalls.

(IMPORTANT: Pick the further path. The further you walk, the closer you are at the stairway.) You have to do the same strategy as the first firewall.

After the firewall is open, you must head your way to the 8th floor while battling the enemies.

Eighth Floor

When you get into the 8th floor of the building, your agenda is to activate controllers A and B together to make the elevator work.

(TIP: When you open the door, ask another player to activate Contoroller A, while you rush in quickly at the other side to operate controller B. Remember not to slow down and kill the mobs (Exception : If and only if youre getting hit) while heading to the area where Controller B is located. If you kill the mobs, the mobs will spawn even more and the mob number will increase, making it difficult to go at the other side. Also if you take too long, the floor will burn up, so avoid them.)

After you have activated both A and B controllers, head to the eleavtor and press 'E' button to acces to the 13th floor. This will start the last round.


Thirteenth Floor

As you made it into the 13th floor, your job is to operate the real controllers to open each door leading to the next floor. There are two controllers in each area, and three areas in this floor. Locate the real controller in one of the two controllers in each area. For example, if the real controller is at your left, as you move on at the next area, the controller that is located at your left will be the real one, and so on.

Beware that there will be Major ranked fugitives (armed with Remington) will chase you.

(STRATEGY TIP: To kill the armed fugitive faster, one must lure the boss (armed fugitive) and the other person should flank to kill it.)

After you have located the real controllers, move upstairs and save Eva.

Fourteenth Floor

Youre now in the 14th floor. Your task is to find First Lieutenant Eva in one of the four rooms in the inner area.

There are closed doors at the outer area, do NOT open them. This will cause mobs to chase you on other directions.

Head to the inner area where Eva is located in one of the four rooms. Find Eva by opening them.

(TIP: Please be decisive whether to open less rooms or not. Remember more rooms that are opened = more mobs.)

If you happen to find Eva, escort her to the heliport and make sure she doesnt get killed by the mobs. If you fail to protect her, you will fail the mission.

(NOTE: Please note that if you take too long while you opened the gate to the next area, the gate will be sealed by a given time.)


As you move on to the stairway, leave Eva there temporarily, just to keep her safe from the mobs.
(CAUTION: Dont leave her alone because some mobs will come to her. Assign a teammate on your group to protect her.)

Your mission in this area is to activate the radio controller located at the far middle of the map.

Please be aware that there will be three bosses (one in the right side of the station with shotty equipped, and one on each side with RPG-7's.) avoid getting hit with the bosses.

(STRATEGY TIP: Run A.S.A.P. and make your way to the station after the bosses with RPG-7 equipped fired a rocket. Also avoid going on the right side of the station, because a boss is at there. Do not kill the boss at the middle, it will spawn and hunt you, making it useless. Just flank quitely until you get inside.)

After that, activate the radio controller and wait for 2 minutes until the helicopter arrives. So take that time to lure the mobs. When the heli arrives, escort Eva with care, then your mission will be successful.

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PostSubject: Re: Prison Break II Rescue Guides!!!   Fri Jan 07, 2011 9:57 pm

Thanks Hankuru for your hard work on this! Very Happy I already finished it but still there were some things I did not quite understand Razz Thanks again cat

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PostSubject: Re: Prison Break II Rescue Guides!!!   Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:30 am

nice man, good stuff
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PostSubject: Re: Prison Break II Rescue Guides!!!   

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Prison Break II Rescue Guides!!!
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