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 First Person Shooter Guide & AvA (about hardware-mouse, Frames Per Sec and More)

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PostSubject: First Person Shooter Guide & AvA (about hardware-mouse, Frames Per Sec and More)   Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:47 pm

Hi Everyone,

(this is Fragment from one other Topic wich FireGod made, i have decided to split it and move it here as Guide)

Before you go to Gamming and you wish to be good, there are some things you need to chek out:

I'll stard with Hardware problem, and then i will go to the gameplay.

First of all, you must pay attention at your FPS (Frames per Second), you might think it goes everything clean and smooth in game. FPS (Frames Per Sec)

Frame rates in video games refer to the speed at which the image is refreshed (typically in frames per second, or FPS.) Many underlying processes such as collision detection and network processing often run at different or inconsistent frequencies and/or in different physical components of a computer. FPS affect the experience in two ways; low FPS will not be able to give the illusion of motion effectively and will affect the user's capacity to interact with the game, while FPS which vary. (wikipedia=

Back in time, When i was CSS (Counter Strike Source) gammer, my father bought me new monitor(lcd-big one), i was realy good player, and when i got my monitor and if i played with old resolution, graphic were realy bad, so i went in options and nerfed resolution, everything seems ok, but i was realy pwned hard, and not anymore first ...so i afther some i tought that i shuld chek FPS, and i saw they were too LOW.

My Graphic card was to weak, so Pictures were not shown on screen in rate, so i was shooting on walls and not in them, because enemies were not even there! Altought i had feeling Frames are ok, i was realy bad, and they were not ok.
So i bought new Graphic Card.
FPS can be chekd with varius Software such as FRAPS.

Mouse plays a lot in Gamming, i can't realy tell how, but i will post a Razer Guide For Noobs.
There is all abuot deley of mouse and effect on screen, deley betwen ball and mouse chips or something, and ALSO DPI (Dots per Inch) or something, thats sometehing like Accuracy of Mouse! More DPI more is mouse (you accuracy(as you can lower sensitivty and DPI stays same) and faster it is or something like that. My mouse has got 1600 DPI, normal mouse has got aruond 400 or something. There you have also Acceleration option in windows, wich accelerates mouse, skiping some Pixels on screen, very bad think for gamming (so i've heard).
When i was playing CSS with old USB Mouse ( (Optical)Not same as LASER ) i was pretty good, when i switched to Gamming Mouse (1600DPI, NO ACCELERATON) i realy sucked, but i needed only to get used to it.


It depnds, some like it HIGH, some Like it LOW. I personlay like it pretty high, so i can do 180˙with small move of my whrist. I do not have big mouse pad. It is reccomended that you have big mouse pad, so you can have low sens, and be more accurate.
When you have find your sens, you like, stick to IT! Don't Play with it! I sometimees change it by mistake, and then i suddenly suck! Not even knowing wahat is problem. Stick to your sens, your brain will recognize it, and you will pwn-hit quite easy.


Allways have mouse-aim-crosshair in the middle screen (in height of heads), never move it down (except enemy is down), Strafe! (move left right) when you can, learn to Strafe and Shoot. When you are rifle man, try to shoot only when you reach Peek Left, or Right...Right before you go again the other way.

Listen to Sounds! If you have HeadSet you will hear if your opponet is Right, Left (it might be difficult if he will be back or front, but you will know in some time), if you have Surround & Supporting Audi Card use it, you will know everything . I personly use HeadSet, and i can hear almost everything.

Use Radar in AvA-Map, you can see almost anything on IT! Use it all the time, use it well!

http://www.mediafire.com/?w14oqoyohi2 (hope linkn works)
It is Razers boot camp for N00bs, it is realy good stuff for begginers! read it, it will more help then I...there is some Advertising in, just filter it in your brain...i'm sure you will know when you see it....

(i'll upload game play videos)

Thats about FPS in General and a litle bit of AvA.

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First Person Shooter Guide & AvA (about hardware-mouse, Frames Per Sec and More)
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